Traci & Trace's Trotters
Well it is official Jedi is now sold  to Jessica Franciso from South Carolina.  I will miss having these two very sweet babies around.  They are two of the smartest (and biggest) babies I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  I now have plenty of  brood mares to start my Missouri Foxtrotting pony line next year.  Check back often for updates.  I also have a "whoops" on my for sale page.  Somehow I ended up with a little gelding or stud (unsure because we are not exactly sure how old he is but the vet is coming out if it will ever quit raining to let us know for sure).  We have nicknamed him Cocoa Puff, and I have to sell him quick because he is really growing on me.  He is the prettiest chocolate color, and he is very sweet!!!
We are currently looking for pony mares that are under 12 hands high and that are breeding age.  We have purchased several ponies over the last several months, and after my good friend and trainer Ela Fair (at convinced me - we are trying to start our own line of Missouri Foxtrotting ponies using our Cremello stud "Trace".  More information can be found about these awesome gaited ponies at the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association here  We will be expecting 3 Missouri Foxtrotting ponies next fall out of awesome little mares, and I will be updating the site soon with pictures of these little mares.  We are only using the "perfect" mares with great dispositions and confirmation to start with so these fall babies should be awesome.  Not to mention they will be nicely colored too with "Trace" as sire.  If you would like more information about these ponies, please feel free to contact us.
Chrome is looking forward to going to his new home with his new Mom & Dad on Saturday, 10/10/2009.  This little guy has been such a delight here.  From the day he was born in my lap to my favorite trail mare "Beebee" until Saturday when he gets on that trailer to head to his new life - this little guy will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart.  He was our first baby and his registration papers was the first set to carry our TTT ranch name in his name.  I LOVE the Friesian Sporthorse babies.  They are so smart, kind, and beautiful, but these are the last two that I will offer for sale because we have decided to focus on the Missouri Fox Trotters and Fox trotting ponies since our acquistion of our Cremello MFT stud in June.  Congratulations Caitlyn - I know you will love Chrome and I know he is going to an excellent, loving home.